Harold & Andrea // The Miller Estate, Miami, Florida // December 8, 2018


Highlight Film

Tropical Elegance

This was truly a beautiful wedding. This was my first time filming a wedding at the Miller Plantation, and it was so picturesque.

They have a cozy enclave under a giant oak, strung with lights, for the ceremony - it was magical! The space for the dinner is laid out like a tropical paradise adjoining the pond with a fountain, waterfall and bridges. More magic! This is were we had the dinner and the formal dances. The surprise was the “hora loca”, which served as a bridge between dinner and the party, with the entertainers and band leading us in dance to the new spot! Then the party was off the chain!!!

Harold and Andrea were referred to me by one of my former film students from MDCC. Thank you so much Alejandro!

It was such a pleasure to work with the husband and wife team of Photography by Santy Martinez!! Check out their pictures from the day too.