good looking, charming and so much fun!

This is a wedding video I had fun creating.  This is an example of a trailer wedding video.   I kept this to under 1 minute so that it can be posted on Instagram.

Katherine and Mike were such down to earth people and were having so much fun on their wedding day.  The ceremony was at a very beautiful catholic church, St Sebastian in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and the bridal prep and the reception were held at The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort.  The bridal suite, as you can see in the video, had the most spectacular view of the beach and the ocean.  The ocean background made for some beautiful shots of the bridal party and the light was gorgeous!  This is one of the big pluses of doing wedding videography in South Florida, is we always have the beach and the ocean as a readily available backdrop.  Even if you are not having a beach wedding, as this was not (it was a Catholic Church wedding), the beach was still in the wedding video!

Having a bride like Katherine, who was such a joy to work with, and was continuously flashing her big happy smile, made my job of creating the best wedding video possible so much easier.  The great thing about video is that it captures the emotions of the wedding day and can transport you back to that moment better pictures alone.  It is also great for the people who couldn't make to the wedding - they can experience it - almost better than being there in person!